Honeycreeper Chocolate offers bean-to-bar chocolate and small batch truffles from craft chocolate makers and chocolatiers around the world. All the chocolates we offer are made with fresh ingredients and ethically sourced cacao.

We want to elevate your understanding and experience of chocolate. Journey beyond the chocolate candy made by industrial big box brands and open your eyes-and tastebuds-to the unique flavors that come from cacao grown, harvested, and processed with the express purpose of bringing to life the inherent flavor of the bean.


What is a Honeycreeper?

The Honeycreeper, our namesake, is a small songbird species in the tanager family. Feeding on insects and nectar the Honeycreeper, as well as Theobroma Cacao, thrive under the shade of the tropical forest canopy. The colorful cacao pods and bright plumage of the Honeycreeper are a beautiful reminder of the connection between species and the planet we all share.